About Us

For several years Seamus traveled the world playing and coaching soccer and supporting himself at times as a steel worker, gold miner, and salesman. When he moved to Memphis in 1995, he knew he had found his home away from home.

Some years later, Seamus and his close friends, Memphis natives Meg and Scott Crosby, met through a mutual interest in soccer and soon found themselves romanticizing about genuine Irish pubs. Their dreams led to reality when they opened The Brass Door, where engaging conversation, good company and a welcoming hospitality are second to none.

The Brass Door is a labor of love, for Scott, Meg, Seamus and the artisans and craftsmen who all contributed significantly to the restoration of our building at 152 Madison. Many people put their heart and soul into The Brass Door.

As Seamus likes to say, “A public house is the heart of a town. The Brass Door is the heart of downtown Memphis.”

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